dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Hello and goodbye

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 My dear readers,

I find it impossible to write this post without feeling guilty. Guilty because if any of you are still kind enough to follow this blog, you'll know that it's been more than a month since my last post. No updates from me and no comments on your blogs either. What can I say? The truth is I just haven't felt much like writing, no longer sure of what I still had to say after more than two years. I found it impossible to sit myself down at the computer, to photograph everything I made and haul my camera around with me whenever I left the house. There's still the rush to capture the deepening colours of the sunset every evening or enjoy the smell of freshly baked cake drifting through the apartment but somehow I wanted to keep it for myself, does that sound terrible? I seriously thought of stopping this blog and wanted to do other things.

There was my birthday party a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the best one ever, with just a few friends, talking and laughing oer red wine and cake until 3am, I saw the new Woody Allen film and caught up with the Kertesz exhibition and have been losing myself in so many wonderful books. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about all of you, how sad it would be without your friendship and comments (the one Holly wrote a couple of days ago especially touched me), those wonderful emails which arrive so unexpectedly but always at the right moments when I doubt myself. So here I am, back again but only briefly because tomorrow I'm starting my journey to Provence. As much as the thought of this excites me, what I'm most looking forward to is sharing my experience here. I hope you can forgive my neglecting you and have the patience to wait a little longer until we meet again.

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23 commentaires:

  1. I have been thinking of you Emily Vanessa, wondering how you were, what you have been doing.
    I'm so glad you're here again, albeit briefly.

    You must always follow your gut and share whenever you feel like it. We are going to be here, waiting.

    I wish you a wonderful time in Provence (I'm so jealous btw) and I'll be looking forward to your new post.
    Take care!

  2. I totally understand how you feel. I am going through such a phase of self-doubt and find it difficult to find the motivation to blog. It is such a time-consuming activity...

    Anyway, I am sooooo glad to know that you haven't decided to quit and that we'll still hear from you now and then! Don't feel guilty and don't stress. I will still be visiting your blog no matter how long it takes you to write the next post. I am patient and understanding.

    Lovely shots! I always appreciate your eye...

    Please don't stop! Relax, stay away from it all - as long as you need -, but don't take such a decision (at least, without weighing things up)! ;-P


    Rosa xxx

  3. Enjoy your life...it is your life, after all. I often feel the same as you...wanting to savor and keep certain moments for myself, my family, those who know my voice. Have a glorious time in Provence.
    Best wishes,

  4. NIce to hear from you again!
    Have a wonderful time in Provence!

  5. Emily,

    That's all you have to do, really. You post a photograph (or several), these are lovely as always. Then, say you're off on a break. That's all. Then people visiting know what's up. Now we know & I can wish you a fabulous time in Provence. xoxo/Susan

  6. Comme je te comprends ! J'ai toujours admiré tes longs messages si bien écrits et si joliment illustrés. Tout cela prend du temps, trop parfois ! Et même si on le fait avec passion, on sait que ça ne pourra pas toujours durer. L'essentiel c'est que tu gardes le goût de la photo et de la pâtisserie. Tes écrits vont me manquer... Profite bien de ce séjour en Provence et n'hésites pas à faire un détour par la Bretagne si tu le souhaites :-)
    Mon anglais est approximatif alors je n'ai pas bien compris si tu partais longtemps. En tout cas, j'aimerai bien t'envoyer quelque chose par la poste avant que tu t'en ailles. Puis-je le faire à la même adresse que celle que tu m'avais donnée en novembre dernier ? Bises et à bientôt quand même j'espère. Julia*

  7. I've been missing you. You have no idea how much we love to read your thoughts, look at your photos and join you on your travels. I hope you have a lovely, relaxing vacation to Provence. I envy you!
    Will be waiting to hear about it.

  8. hello emily,
    i found your blog not too long ago and have been enjoying it but i respect your decision. I do feel like that sometimes but at the moment, i am being encouraged by my reader but everyone feel differently.
    It is sad that you are leaving but i am hoping that you find yourself happy time privately.
    Have a safe & great time in provence.
    thanks for being here until today. i will still come back to visit your old post if you don't mind.
    thanks emily ♡


  9. I love your pictures and the way you look at the world.. words and pictures. Blogs are fearful taskmasters always wanting comments and guilt-inducing when you have no time to do it. I sometimes just haven't the time or the will to visit even favorite blogs.... sometimes when I do, whole afternoons are gone before I stop. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

    DO what you need to do... blogging shouldn't be a trial.

  10. emily -- understand that guilty feeling. sometimes creatives (real creatives like you) have to recharge and rest and resist the guilt that says, "do something," because what comes later is (usually) brilliant. look forward to (as Barbara said above) to your next well-written post and terrific photo essay.

  11. No need to explain, only to follow one's passion and heart.

    We have enjoyed sharing your life for a little while, like meeting a fascinating passenger in our compartment on the train from Frankfurt to Berlin. We'll always remember, and perhaps share another ride sometime in the future.

    Merci vielen mal!

  12. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (in your case, anyhow).
    See you again soon. xo

  13. Enjoy your time in Provence. It is always a pleasure to visit here. It is time consuming to blog, and sometimes the energy is not there, or life places demands, à la prochaine.

  14. I'm quite sad to read this, I hope you return! but I understand your reasons for being away from the blogsphere. Enjoy your time 'off' and I hope to see your lovely posts again in the future ... xo

  15. I felt such a pang of recognition when I read your post. Sometimes it is just so difficult to find the will to consistently write but please know that your quiet, beautiful, poetic posts are savoured and enjoyed by me and so many others. Enjoy your time in Provence.

  16. Sometimes it's good to keep it all to yourself...hope to see more posts soon and that you are having an amazing time in provence.

  17. I think that everyone needs a break from blogging once in a while. It's great to see that you're back!

  18. I just happened upon your blog today... It is lovely, and I enjoyed reading through several posts.

  19. Oh my, I read your title and thought you were signing off. So happy to know this is not the case. I don't mind if you need a little time to yourself, but I'd hate to think I'd never see your writing and photographs again. I hope you've enjoyed Provence.

  20. Emily, thank goodness I didn't hear you are putting this down! I can TOTALLY, TOTALLY relate to you. I started my blog 2 years ago as well and I barely blog anymore. I can understand what you mean...but you know, you better not stop it because you are my entertainment! Hehe! I've always loved your blog. I love reading it. I love your photos (specially your nature shots). Of course, I love your adventures, going to places...and hoping that you will take me there one day, hehe. Anyways, I hope to see more posts from you again--you are definitely one of the bloggers I look forward to. See ya, Emily!

  21. I'm quite sad to read this, I hope you return! but I understand your reasons for being away from the blogsphere. Enjoy your time 'off' and I hope to see your lovely posts again in the future ... xo