dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Hello and goodbye

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 My dear readers,

I find it impossible to write this post without feeling guilty. Guilty because if any of you are still kind enough to follow this blog, you'll know that it's been more than a month since my last post. No updates from me and no comments on your blogs either. What can I say? The truth is I just haven't felt much like writing, no longer sure of what I still had to say after more than two years. I found it impossible to sit myself down at the computer, to photograph everything I made and haul my camera around with me whenever I left the house. There's still the rush to capture the deepening colours of the sunset every evening or enjoy the smell of freshly baked cake drifting through the apartment but somehow I wanted to keep it for myself, does that sound terrible? I seriously thought of stopping this blog and wanted to do other things.

There was my birthday party a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the best one ever, with just a few friends, talking and laughing oer red wine and cake until 3am, I saw the new Woody Allen film and caught up with the Kertesz exhibition and have been losing myself in so many wonderful books. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about all of you, how sad it would be without your friendship and comments (the one Holly wrote a couple of days ago especially touched me), those wonderful emails which arrive so unexpectedly but always at the right moments when I doubt myself. So here I am, back again but only briefly because tomorrow I'm starting my journey to Provence. As much as the thought of this excites me, what I'm most looking forward to is sharing my experience here. I hope you can forgive my neglecting you and have the patience to wait a little longer until we meet again.

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