About me

Coffee and pie is written by me Vanessa, a British girl, originally  who has been living in Berlin for the last three years. Before that, I lived in France in Annecy, Lyon and Mulhouse. That's me in the bathroom of my old flat in Charlottenburg but I don't normally look that posh or serious.

This blog was started originally as a means of writing about food but since then it's somehow grown into something else: travel, photography, books, films and of course, baking. I like to think of it as a mix, perhaps because I'm too chaotic to devote myself to only one of these things. 

What I like:

- Taking my time in the morning, listening to the BBC world service or reading my book over a cup of black tea with milk and a thick piece of bread.
- Wrapping up warm for walks on days with heavy frosts or when the ground is thick with fallen leaves and afterwards stopping at a café for a coffee or hot chocolate with a piece of cake.
- Watching film noir or Woody Allen films on Friday nights with a large plate or pasta or homemade pizza.
- Lemons
 - Long train journeys.
- Sundays with my camera and sunsets
- Writing letters with my fountain pen and getting them too.
- Reading your comments so please drop me line when you call by!

What I don't like:

- A series of rainy days when you can't take photos.
- Flying with Ryanair.
- Heatwaves.
- When recipes are total flops but that's life
 - People talking loudly on their mobile phones when you're trying to read. 
- Raw pears but I love them cooked (strange, I know).
- People posting spam on my blog, using my photos or words without my permission (please ask!) and link exchanges.