dimanche 15 mai 2011

I'm gonna miss you now that you're gone

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I'm not sure if this is a good time to write a new post. Outside the wind is battering against the windows, scattering the last of the blossom in the afternoon sunshine, cooled by yesterday's rain. I'm feeling a little shattered after just watching the Deer Hunter and unable to focus my mind on anything else. Others had warned me what a harrowing film it is but I still wasn't prepared.

Since my return to Berlin last week I've been lucky to have had plenty of free time to enjoy the late spring in full bloom and bask in the warmth of its rays. An afternoon on the terrace of Café Fleury with Chrissi for coffee and cake, a stroll around Schlosspark Charlottenburg, stopping to read Graham Robb's Parisians underneath a chestnut tree with pink candles and picking up a copy of Henry James' English Hours at Marga Schoeller. Yet there was also sadness knowing that Chrissi and another good friend are moving away soon, that there is so little time left to do and say so much. Like Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung in Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love, I try to prepare myself for their departures and play out the scene in my mind where we say goodbye but deep down I know it isn't really possible.

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At café fleury with its gingham tablecloths, patterned cushions and photos of classic French movie scenes.

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Capitalism destroys

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Keeping cool at Schloss Charlottenburg

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In the Schlosspark

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Guarding the leaflets outside Marga Schoeller

Yesterday morning, I sat in the living room, reading and also listening to the city wake up through the open window; the footsteps on the gravel, the fragments of distant conversations and the rattling of the tram. I had a desire to sit in the darkened space of the cinema again but decided to cook a Japanese meal in the evening as the delicate beads of raindrops came cascading down. I sometimes wish that things could be as simple and satisfying as the sunlight on the trees or the smell of spices and fresh bread filling the kitchen.

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The evening sky from the living room

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In The Schlosspark Niederschönhausen

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Soba noodles with crispy tofu

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85g soba noodles
100g plain organic tofu
1 medium piece of fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 garlic clove
3 spring onions, chopped
80g bamboo shoots (half a jar), drained and cut into thin strips
soya sauce and olive oil for seasoning and frying

1. Begin by cooking the soba noodles in a large saucepan of boiling water for 5-7 minutes, then rinse then in cold water and set aside to drain.
2. Chop the block of tofu up into cubes. Heat some olive oil in a large sized frying pan, add in the tofu and fry on a medium heat until crispy, stirring regularly so it gets evenly brown. Leave to cool.
3. Heat some oil in a wok and stir in the crushed garlic and chopped ginger without letting them brown. Tip in the spring onions and bamboo and stir for a few minutes then add a splash of soya sauce to the wok and leave for another minute or two. Now add the cold soba noodles, stirring them into the vegetables until warm all the way through and finish by adding the tofu.

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  1. It is never easy when friends move away. I know that feeling as most of mine left the country to go back home...

    Yopur clicka rae always very enjoyable and that soba dish looks yummy! I love those noodles.



  2. (Very upsetting, that "capitalism destroys" sign.)

    Yes, it's difficult when friends move, although I must admit, I'm usually the one moving. Or I did. I'm rather settled in Florida now. When you're the one moving, you're looking forward. When you're the one staying, you look back.
    Think summer!

  3. I've really missed this space. What an excellent post. I've only seen parts of the Deer Hunter and have never had the courage to watch it all the way through. I can also relate to how difficult it is when friends move away, but great friendships last regardless of distance or how much time has passed.

  4. Saying good bye never gets easier does it? Glad you're enjoying spring and I'm sorry you have to say farewell.

  5. It is hard and never easy...beautiful clicks !

  6. @Rosa - It's true that it's something we have to accept. The most important thing is simply to make the best of the time left.
    @Barbara - I totlally love that sign and think it looks great on the building. I always love your comments because they make me think and alter my perespective. It's true that when I was moving away, I focussed on new places, even when feeling sad about saying goodbye to friends. So many people I knew have left Berlin so it gives me the impression of being the last one standing.
    @Des - Oh thanks, I'm so pleased you like the post! If you can take a deep breath and aren't feeling too down, I'd recommend watching the Deer Hunter right through one day, such a powerful but necessary film. I think that many political leaders should see it too so they don't forget what war really means. I don't think I'll see it again myself for a few years though as it's so harrowing. I know that these are friends who'll always be close and that we'll keep in touch so that's a comfort.
    @Sasa - No indeed although you must have had this experience much more than me as you've moved so often. I can't imagine how tough it must be for you leaving F. but hopefully it'll all work out great in the long-term. Take care.
    @Jagruti - Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. So true!

  7. Reading underneath a chestnut tree with pink candles seems divine. I love visualizing it. And In the Mood for Love, it is such a beautiful film. Now that you have me thinking of it, I just might have to watch it again one evening this week. Last, the view of the evening sky from your living room is exquisite. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things here.

  8. As always, an enjoyable photo journey. Life constantly changes, as those around us. Thanks for sharing your day's journey with us.


  9. Encore une belle promenade qui donne envie de sillonner Berlin. J'envie mon père qui y sera bientôt... je l'aurai bien accompagné !
    Bonne journée à toi.

  10. I love that movie, The Deer Hunter, harrowing as it is. Great performances by all.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends leaving. I can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye.

    That view from your living room is breathtaking Emily. Beautiful photos.

  11. @Denise - I have a think for the pink candles and have always found them enchanting. I'm also lucky enough to have some huge horse chestnut trees right below my window. We have so many things in common and I'm so glad you also love In the Mood for Love, such a perfect film. I've lost track of the number of times I've watched it.
    @Velva - Thanks so much to you for taking time to read my post and leave such a nice comment! It's lovely to hear from you.
    @Julia - En ce moment il fait un temps magnifique à Berlin et j'espère qu'il restera comme ca pour le voyage de ton père. Dommage que tu ne puisses pas venir aussi mais une autre fois peut-être. Moi, j'ai envie e te rendre visite en Bretagne et de revoir la mer!
    @Magda - Yep, I totally agree about the Deer Hunter and think it's one of the finest I'Ve seen this year. Berlin is a place with so much going on and people coming and going that you inevitably lose some of your friends but I'm trying to make the best of it and enjoy the last few weeks with them. It's such a joy to live on the top floor and see the sky at different times, I could spend hours just looking out of the window. Take care Magda!

  12. Malgre le depart evoque de tes amis, je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup de paix, de serenite dans ce billet. je ne sais pas a quoi c'est du, c'est l'impression generale qui se degage pour moi.

  13. ah yes, I've had all the feelings you've described before. oh and that film nearly destroyed me too when I first saw it - I refuse to see it again, it's too much.

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  15. It seems like it was just the right time to write the post. We feel how we feel, it's what we do about it that really makes a difference. I hope you get to spend some lovely time with your friends before they go, maybe even make a cake or two. Departures are always better with cake...

  16. So much goodness here, Vanessa. xo

  17. @Gracienne - Merci beaucoup. C'est vrai que je me sens vraiment bien à Berlin en ce moment et la ville est vraiment magnifique, comme si je la voyais pour la première fois.
    @Hila - I know exactly what you mean as I'm not sure I could see it ever again, the images are still so vivid in my mind.
    @Uhooi - Thanks!
    @Nicolette - I'm so glad to being able to spend time with close friends and feel sure we'll keep in touch. Yesterday I went bowling with one who's leaving next week and it was such fun. Cake is definitely on the agenda, thanks for reminding me!
    @Lecia - Thanks a lot, take care,xx.

  18. So much flux right now, it's true. This is the perfect meal for this weather.

  19. juste un petit mot vite fait en passant pour te dire que je continue de venir me ressourcer ici et contempler tes superbes photos qui m'apaisent, même si je ne prends jamais le temps de laisser de commentaire… ces soba au tofu ont l'air divines, et l'air de Berlin en ce beau printemps doit être fort agréable, je crois que c'est la saison que je préfère là-bas !

  20. @Sylee - Yes, absolutely. I'm dying to try your quinoa salad too.
    @Melopapilles - Oh merci beaucoup, je suis très touchée par ton commentaire! Le printemps me manque un peu déjà, même si l'été est chouette aussi en ce moment.