vendredi 18 janvier 2013

The best of autumn

Picture 1535 

 As I'm typing this, I keep looking across to see the wispy snowflakes blowing in all directions with even talk of a blizzard. I should really show you photos of that but Rachel sent out a heartfelt plea to finally (ahem!) see my photos of Kew Gardens which I visited back in November. Somehow I'm also more in the mood for sunshine and autumn colours than ice and snow. So that will have to wait a little longer, as will Vienna but I'm working on it. In the meantime, stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

Picture 1376

Picture 1383

Picture 1395

Picture 1402

Picture 1414

Picture 1418

Picture 1420

Picture 1422

Picture 1424

Picture 1436

Picture 1453

Picture 1454

Picture 1455

Picture 1466

Picture 1471

Picture 1479

Picture 1488

Picture 1506

Picture 1512

Picture 1515
Stopping for refreshments

Picture 1522

Picture 1523

Picture 1524

Picture 1527

Picture 1536

Picture 1546

Picture 1554

Picture 1556

Picture 1569

Picture 1608

Picture 1612

Picture 1616
Sunset by the Thames

Picture 1620

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  1. Oh, beautiful! That is one of my favorite seasons...



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  2. The pictures are really beautiful Fall seems soo far away when you're buried under an load of snow and temperatures of -20C. Thanks for the warm colors!
    Sylvia from In-between-worlds

  3. Automne est une saison magnifique pour la photo ! Voir magique. ;-)
    Maintenant nous sommes en hiver et la neige est là féerique ce dimanche matin en région parisienne. La ville est endormie aucun bruit tout est blanc, seulement pour quelques heures !

  4. Lovely, lovely pics! Visiting your blog is always such a delight.

  5. @Rosa - Thanks, I'm glad you also love autumn.
    @Sylvia - Wow, sounds like it's pretty cold where you are. I can't really complain with -5. It's true that autumn seems like years ago and yet these pictures were taken in November. Now it's difficult to imagine all the snow melting and making way for spring.
    @Alice - Paris sous la neige - quel rêve, même si je regrette que les cimetières et quelques endroits dans les parcs soient fermés. J'espère que tu en feras de belles photos pour nous.
    @Suman - Thanks a lot, it's lovely to hear that.

  6. Absolutely wonderful, you have captured Kew. I was probably conceived in my parents house right next to Kew in December 1971. They then moved to southampton where I was born. I particularly like the picture of the woman on the bench, probably because i have spent hours on such a bench. I took my little boy to Kew for the first time this christmas - he was delighted, but mostly by the extraordinary kids adventure park. Anyway such rambling, thank you for these pictures and I'd just like to note that Kew would be the perfect place for us to to meet one day. x

  7. The light and contrast in your second image is especially pretty. I know I'd love your snowflakes too. I hope you are warm and happy this week, Emily.

  8. Tres belles impressions d'automne - j'ai beaucoup aime visiter Kew Gardens, il y a des lustres maintenant, j'y retournerais avec plaisir.

  9. Always loved pictures with back light.
    Your second picture is too good (and so are the others)

  10. @Rachel - Wow, I can't believe you were conceived by Kew Gardens - how nice. This was only my second ever visit to Kew and I wonder what took me so long to return. I'm glad you took your little boy there because it's a place to go all your life and I'm sure he'll have wonderful memories. I'm already dreaming of getting back there - probably I'll miss the bluebells and orchids but a spring day out would be heaven. I like the idea of meeting you there one day, perhaps by that bench.
    @Denise - Ah, thank you.The light was so perfect on that day though which made good pictures easy. We had plenty of snow for me to capture but I'm also relieved it's gone for now. Winter pictures coming up soon. Hope you're having a good week!
    @Gracienne - Merci beaucoup. Oui, c'est un endroit magique et on a toujours envie d'y retourner. Je crois que les jardins là sont beaux toute l'année.
    @Haddock - Thanks so much. As I said, it was perhaps the loveliest day of the year with the most amazing light and I felt very lucky to be able to visit Kew that day.

  11. I'm not sure how I found you, but your about me section amused me so I thought I'd say hi! I'm also an English girl living in Germany :-)

    These photos are lovely. I especailly like the sunset one. I see this post was from a while ago, so hopefully you'll see this.

  12. I finally tried the cakes at Sarah Wiener's restaurant in Hamburger Bahnhof, which you recommended to me some three years ago. Here's hoping all's well with you in England. x

  13. Just missing your thoughts and photographs... Hope you are well.

  14. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

  15. Chère Emily,
    Voilà plus d'1 an que ton blog est en sommeil et que nous n'avons pas échangé quelques nouvelles... j'espère que tout va bien pour toi où que tu sois... que tu n'oublies pas de faire de bons gâteaux et de belles photos ! Avant que le délai ne soit dépassé, je te souhaite une douce, et heureuse année 2014. Prends soin de toi et Enjoy!
    Bises. Julia*

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  19. Dear Emily,
    I hope that you are doing fine.
    Just passing by to tell you that I miss your post and that I have not forgotten you...
    Happy Holidays!
    Rosa x

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  24. Muito boa essa publicação, parabéns ao escritor.

  25. Emily, this is a special day for you? Enjoy it!
    I am in a coop diy market in Brig on my way frm Furka to Weissmies,
    Weissmies is one of the few 4000ers with glacierfree access - a shame that you are not here, you would have pushed me to the top. And you yourself would have enjoyed the view over Dome and Monterosa a lot, conditions are great! Have a great summer mb m

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  29. I do really think it`s the most inspiring photos i`ve seen for the last 2 months! So fresh and simple but the mood it create is fabulous!! Huge Thanks!

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